Bar and Awning Package

If you would like to serve drinks inside your tipi set up you can add an awning extension to either the two or three tipi set up.

The awning extension adds head room for your bar supplier without encroaching on the floor space of your guests.

And we will also include in the package a hand made large rustic wooden bar from which to serve your celebratory drinks.

Price including damage waiver & VAT £550

Catering Annexe Package

If you need to add on a catering annexe for your caterers look no further than our 6m x 6m sand coloured marquee complete with flooring, lighting and 6 trestle tables.

Price including damage waiver & VAT £ 550

Ceremony Package

Our Outdoor Ceremony area made up of a matting walkway aisle, seating for 40 on benches with reindeer hides for added comfort and tipi poles wrapped with foliage to create a focus for your blessing.

£ 250 for the full set

£ 125 for the naked tipi poles

Extra space for Even More Fun...

Our gorgeous Nimbus Little Hat Tipi is perfect to use as an Outdoor Bar, Arrival Drinks Area, Smoking Area or Chill Out Space

It’s 5m in diameter so an impressive addition to your set up.

Price including matting and fairy light trim, damage waiver & VAT £325 

Seating and a Cosy Firepit...

Here are some of the furnishings your package includes…

Authentic Nordic Solid Wooden 2m Tables

Solid Wooden Benches seating 3-4

Sumptuous Reindeer Hides (to be extra comfy)

Bamse Max Open Firepit with kit

Getting the Party Started...

Add sparkle to your tipi by upgrading to the Gold package which includes…

9 Pole set of Fairy Lights

Glittering Mirror Ball

Let the Dancing Begin...

All of our packages include a wooden dance floor. We have allowed for the size that will cater for up to half of your guests to be dancing at one time but if you need a bigger dance floor just let us know…

Sizes include:

12’ x 12’ for 48 dancers

12’ x 16’ for 64 dancers

12’ x 20’ for 80 dancers

If you are having a band they may need a stage. These are available in 8’ x 4’ section and the average four piece band usually requires 3 sections.

If you require a stage let the team know and we will include it in your quote

More Fairy LIghts to make Your Event Sparkle...

Net of 600 Fairy Lights

Hung behind the dance floor or Top Table these fairy lights create a gorgeous romantic twinkle

Add these onto any of the packages for £165 per pair including damage waiver & VAT

Making an Entrance...

10m Matting walkway entrance to the tipis £50 (included in the gold package)

Add some gorgeous warm white festoons on tall black shepherd hooks to create a festoon walkway £160 (included in your platinum package)

Nightime Sparkles...

Festoon Lighting from the ground up and over the Peaks of your Tipi look amazing as dusk falls (part of the platinum package but can be added to silver or gold).

£150 for 2 peaks

£200 for 3 peaks

(prices include damage waiver and VAT)

Share The Love...

With 4′ High LOVE Letters £150 for the set

Chill out away from the music...

Choose from our range of Chill out furniture, included in the Gold and Platinum packages:

Standard Chill Out – A faux leather sofa, 10 beancubes and low coffee tables

Rattan Set of Sofa and 2 Armchairs

Turkish Floor Cushions, Turkish style Rug and a low coffee table

Or add these to your silver package for £ 140 including damage waiver & VAT

Adding Some Luxury...

Why not put a Gorgeous Bronze Two-Tiered Chandelier into your Tipi

Provided bare for you to add foliage, flowers or use simply as it comes it looks stunning!

£195 (Can also be hired as part of the Luxury Package)

Chilling out in Comfort & Style ...

A pair of Sumptuous Ox-blood Chesterfield Sofas or a single Brown 2 Seater Chesterfield

Option 1: Two seater Brown Chesterfield Sofa

£120 on it’s own or upgrade the standard Chill out set included in your package for just an extra £50.

Option 2: A two seater and a three seater Ox-blood red Chesterfield sofa set.

£ 250 for the pair or have them as part of the full luxury package

Pair of 1920s Vintage Trunk Coffee Tables

£ 95 for the pair

Drinks all round...

Hand-made Wooden Circular Bar measuring 3.5m in diameter – perfect for the Sailcloth or in a Large Kata Tipi. These are included in our Gold and Platinum Sailcloth Packages.

Price for the entire Round Bar*

£ 500

Price for Semi-circular Bar

£ 315

(*Additional delivery may apply)

Let's Raise a Glass...

We offer a range of Wooden Bars for dry hire. They are all hand crafted and a stunning addition to your rustic outdoor event. The bars are available for hire (unstocked); 2m or 1.25m in length. (Included in your Awning package or can be hired separately)

Options include:

2m Straight Wooden Bar

1.2m Straight Wooden Bar

2m Rustic Pallet Bar

For the full range of options check out our Chill Out and Accessories Brochure

Elite Tents Chill Out & Accessories Brochure Download


Dressing the inside of tipi is how you personalise it and make perfect for you and your guests. We have a huge range of products which can help you with this so check out your style with our  brochure packed full of themed furniture and decor options.
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Authentic Nordic Tipi Association

Elite Tents insist on Tipis made by Tentipi and are proud members of the ANTA. Tentipi have been manufacturing Authentic Nordic Tipis for over 25 years and their quality is second to none. With a Tentipi Tent you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY about having a 'weatherproofing option' as these tents were designed for the weather in Scandanavia and will stand up to wind, rain or whatever the British weather can throw at them!