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Hey there! What parties have you been hitting up lately? I was lucky enough to get invited to a close friend’s sister’s birthday the other weekend. And what a party it was. Besides the great food and company, the ethereal themed spectacle was so truly magical, I couldn’t not share it with you.

From the car park, all the way to the tipi tent marque, there were fairy lights and candle covered trees (a great party trick these guys did was to use led fairylights that last all night long)


There were also arm chairs and benches around great smoking fire pits to keep warm. The effect was pretty spectacular and really made you feel like you’d entered into a Alice in Wonderland type world.


Now for inside?

The magic continued with yet more fairy lights and flowers everywhere, tables and benches around the outside, a fire in the middle, and, with a bar at one end, a dance-floor at the other – what more could you ask for?


What else?


oh yes – a SPECTACULAR cake! Made by the owner of Sexton Blake Fine London Bakery, you can’t taste it, but take my word for it, this delicious rosewater sponge and chocolate butter cream cake was truly scrumptious – even at 8am in the morning ;)

Then the Birthday Girl and her guests arrived

Everyone made such an effort and made the finishing touches to the mythical wonderland that had been created


Of course a 21st wouldn’t be a 21st without a speech from Gandalf (now minus the beard)…

the best friend…

and cute baby photos…

However, what made this night particularly special was the the Birthday Girl’s sister’s incredibly pure rendition of “10 minutes ago” from Cinderella


I wasn’t the only one captivated by this spectacular talent…


Well what came next? Some food, some chatting, and a whole lot of dancing! I suppose I can share a bit of this with you…


The Birthday Girl herself (middle) and her sisters


The party continued long into the night – 6am to be exact – although being a granny myself I was in bed by 4 (but shhhh, no one needs to know that). It was a fabulous night and made me long to be 21 again as the next big birthday bash I’ll be hosting is a 30th..!

Happy Thursday all!

N xxx

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