Introducing the new addition to the Elite Tents’ Family…

We are so excited to introduce our new Aurora Sailcloth Tents.

The Aurora Sailcloth Tent has been imported from the United States and is incredibly popular across New England. These tents have completely clear sides so that the view can be seen even if they need to be closed up to keep out the elements. Alternatively the sides can be raised or removed to have a completely gorgeous open sided venue for your event allowing you to bring the outside in, just as we always have done with the tipis.

Sailcloth tents offer an equally unique yet very different option than our tipis. These luminescent sheer top tents will literally make your event glow. Like the tipis they have traditional wooden poles, and high points within the roof. But these tents are opal in colour, a pearlescent white and are beautifully elegant.

The sailcloth tents come in four sizes, from a round, one peaked set up which can hold 100 guests seated, plus a bar and dance floor, right up to a four peaked 26m long venue for up to 350 guests. The sailcloth tents really are magnificent; they can be dressed traditionally, for example with candelabras and round tables but also have the versatility to be as rustic and informal as you would like.

If you wanted to see these in person, we have an amazing open day coming up on the 17th March at Kingstanding Events. You can book an appointment if you’d like to speak to one of our team on or call 0121 6631133.


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