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One of the questions I have been asked the most over the year’s I have been hiring out tipis at Elite Tents, is “What should I do about the decoration?”  In some respects the answer is easy: “Whatever you fancy!”

We have seen all sorts of decorations -from white wishing wells with doves through to hay bales and Chinese lanterns (though not together of course!). Over the next couple of months I am going to be looking in a bit more detail in ways you might choose to dress the tipis; flowers, fairy lights, lanterns, bunting and even a bit of bling for those of you who like that. But to start with I thought I would introduce one of the exclusive Chill out options we have at Elite Tents – the Turkish Chill Out Cushions.

Last Summer I went out to Turkey with the family and while in the market at Fethiye we came across some beautiful hand crafted cushions in an array of bright colours. They had been made in a shop in the centre of Fethiye and were sold there too so we went along to meet the owner. Her name was Asli and the shop, Sinbad, we discovered had been in her family for several generations mainly creating rugs originally for Turkish people to sit on while smoking their Shisha and now also for the increasing number of tourists. We decided that we could not fit any rugs in our suitcases but that we would settle for some of the gorgeous floor cushions instead.

Asli blog3 Asli blog2

The patterns on the Anatolian style cushions date back to the 17th Century and are  still hand woven. Tribes would use certain colours and designs significant and meaningful to them;  Turkish rugs are still rich in symbolism, with many recurring motifs.So although these might not be the most traditional of options for your wedding furniture – maybe have a think about the relaxing floor cushions – put them together with Moroccan tea lights and lanterns to create a lovely chill out area for your guests to rest when their dancing feet are tired.

For more information about our chill out furniture drop me an email and I will send you a copy of our Chill out brochure.

Speak soon, Jacquie x

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