Elite Tipis


Tipi or “teepee” tents are incredible constructions. We promise we’re not being biased – we’ve seen how they’ve created the most unique and memorable occasions. Clothed with natural tan canvases and supported by traditional Scandinavian wooden poles, teepees create a stunning yet practical venue… wherever that may be!

Teepees offer the best of both worlds

Aside from their beautifully unique elegance, hire Elite teepees and you’ll enjoy a strong, versatile and weatherproof venue like no other. Unlike marquees that conceal you from the rest of the world, teepees fully immerse you into your surroundings – whether that’s a tree-lined field in stunning manor house gardens or behind your office! We can raise the sides of the teepee to wow guests with a spectacular view or create a warm ambience with an open fire pit. The dreams are endless…

Perfectly sized teepee tents cover any event

Ever been to an under-filled or over-filled venue? Either can make you feel uncomfortable. Elite teepee tents are different, because they are uniquely constructed to suit your particular event – whatever the shape or size. To create the most intimate venue, Elite teepees can be set up individually. Or to create a grander structure, teepees can be linked together. It’s entirely up to you. Discover more about our versatile floorplans.

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