How will COVID-19 affect my outdoor wedding or party?

Updated 22.2.2021 by Jacquie Hale

What fabulous news for weddings and events in the governments roadmap to recovery.

All of our wonderful clients will receive an email very soon which will clarify the effect of the announcement on their 2021 event, but put simply all events booked on or after 21st June will now be able to go ahead. Therefore all of those events are subject to our standard T&Cs.

There remain a few events scheduled before the full opening date which we will discuss personally with those customers. There is a difference between restrictions on events and weddings which will hopefully be clarified in the next few days by the government guidance.

As always we will do our best to be flexible and aid those customers to achieve the best event that is possible or where not possible will try our best to accommodate them on an alternate date.

No postponements made to dates later in 2021 will incur any additional costs.

So all pretty positive – time to start planning again, get excited about your outdoor event and watch this space for an Open Day update very soon!


Updated 21.1.2021 by Jacquie Hale

With the roll out of the vaccine we at Elite Tents are feeling very positive about events moving into 2021. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

We will continue to work with and support all of our lovely customers, adapt to the changes they might need to make and if you are already booked with Elite Tents please do not hesitate to contact us to find out what options are available to you.

We understand that every customer has a different situation and will do our best to work with you to help create an amazing event – whatever the size and whenever it happens.

We have also introduced a brand new offering for new customers who following the awful year that we have all had will want to make the best of the 2021 spring and summer by hosting a party in their garden for friends and family, so please check out our Single Tipis Party Pass by clicking HERE

Updated 21.12.2020 by Jacquie Hale

As we head inbto the new year, we at Elite Tents are feeling optimistic. The introduction of the vaccine together with the interview below in which Boris Johnson declared his belief that next summer will look very different, means that we are working hard to ensure that we are able to bring you our amazing tents for your celebration next year whether it is a wedding or a party you would like.

We understand that the Spring may still mean there are some restrictions with guest numbers, however we have created packages and options for all of our wonderful customers so they can choose whether to hold an intimate celebration, postpone until a later date, or do both – have a small celebration in Spring and a follow up party at a later date for all their friends and family.

We will also be introducing some fabulous packages which will begin next summer to help not just couples but everyone who has had a rubbish 2020 to embrace life during 2021 – we are calling them the “2021 AFTER PARTIPI!”  so watch this space for exciting tipi options.

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Updated 3.11.2020 by Jacquie Hale

Following the lockdown announcement and in line with the suggestion that restrictions are in place until at least March, the Elite Team have now carefully packed away all of our lovely tipis and sailcloth tent for the Winter. We don’t expect to be getting them out until at least early Spring… except for an open day in  February.

The Elite Tents office team are now working reduced hours and the crew too have cut their contracts down, all in order to reduce costs to ensure that we can continue to trade and be there for all our lovely customers and their events in the years to come. Emails may take a little longer to work through and as we have just one staff member in the office if the phone goes to voicemail please DO leave a message and we will get back to you.

All deposits are untouched and safely squirrelled away in a bank account and we are making best use we can of our CBIL and the JSS offered by the government. So rest assured your money is safe.

In the months between now and next Spring, we will keep in touch with all of our existing customers, especially in light of  government guidance. We are looking at ways to ensure that those who want to go ahead with their wedding in 2021 can do so safely, legally and most of all enjoyably. We also recognise that for some there will be anxiety around the uncertainty of the situation. So please do contact us if you are worried and want a chat.

If you are a new customer, looking for an intimate wedding in 2021 with the option to upsize it if legislation allows please check out our PRICING PAGE for our special 2021 only, Intimate Event Packages catering for from 15-50 people, with a choice of a small Sailcloth tent, a single tipi or a large and small tipi linked together. For intimate weddings with 15 people before 28.2.2021 we still have our COVID package below available too.

Updated 30.9.2020 by Jacquie Hale

The new restrictions imposed from Monday this week means that unfortunately you are only allowed 15 people at wedding.

Whilst this is very different from the ‘norm’ we at Elite rescognise for some lovely people, life has to continue. A wedding is a life event that has probably been planned for a long time, and may have it’s place in your timeline of life.

So we have again altered our normal offering to suit a very intimate but luxurious celebration for your very closest of friends and family.

We have bookings for these set ups through the month of October and they have been carefully prepared with our brides to suit their day.

The beauty of these packages is not only that they have enough space to cater safely for all the guests at your event, but also by definition having the tipi means you are outside and this option is even safer than a 30 person event indoors. The peak of the tipi is 8m high and with the raised sides this means that the air flow and ventilation is almost as if you’re out of doors.

We have created two packages (which can be adapted to your specific needs) each with a different centrepiece depending on the theme and vibe of your day. So whether you want a luxurious chandelier and sumptuous Chesterfield sofas, or a rustic wooden bar with a gorgeous firepit we can help you.

These packages are priced at £1995.  The price includes VAT, damage waiver and delivery up to 20 miles form our base at WS9.*

*T&Cs apply. New customers only.

Updated 10.8.2020 by Jacquie Hale

We have sadly had to move nearly all of our 2020 summer bookings either to later this year or 2021 as for many of our couples even having 30 guests at a reception, which will hopefully be allowable from Saturday 15th August is not enough to cater for all of the friends and family with whom they wish to celebrate.

We are still hopeful that as the Prime Minister is aiming to have s back to ‘near normal’ by November, that those booked and who have rescheduled to October will still be able to have a great celebration. We will be working closely with those couples to ensure they feel safe and have a floorplan and set up that works for their guests in the current climate.

But in the meantime, while the limit remains at 30 people we have created some specially designed packages which make social distancing possible.

The beauty of these packages is not only that they have enough space to cater safely for all the guests at your event, but also by definition having the tipi means you are outside and this option is even safer than a 30 person event indoors. The peak of the tipi is 8m high and with the raised sides this means that the air flow and ventilation is almost as if you’re out of doors.

We have created two packages (which can be adapted to your specific needs) that show how you can either have a socially distanced sit down meal or if you prefer a more informal space with a bar and chill out area.

These packages are priced at £2495.  The price includes VAT, damage waiver and delivery up to 20 miles form our base at WS9.*

*T&Cs apply. New customers only.

If you would like more information on how we can help you still have a fantastic celebration, albeit smaller than you had originally planned, please call the office on 0121 663 1133 or email us on

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Updated 12.6.2020 by Jacquie Hale

We are delighted to report that we have been working closely with our wonderful 2020 couples and have managed to reschedule all of the May, June and July customers who wanted to continue working with Elite Tents as their tipi or Sailcloth tent provider but at a later date.

Some of our August and most of our September parties and weddings are waiting with anticipation for the next government announcement regarding social distancing and large gatherings to be able to see whether they will be able to go ahead with their events, and of course we are ready to support them if they can. We have offered our August couples extra tent space free of charge to help them and their guests feel comfortable in the space and of course the very fact that these are all outdoor events massively reduces the risk of infection being passed on.

We will continue to work with these couples and those later in the year too, is that where possible we can help make their day as memorable and wonderful as they have dreamed.

We as a company have now completed all of the necessary modifications and safety measures at our warehouse and with our planning to ensure that should we be able to provide tents for events this season it will be done safely for both our customers and staff.

We have also now provisioned a safe and socially distanced open week where, by appointment only, customers and those thinking of becoming customers will be able to come and see the tents, meet the team and continue the enjoyment of planning their special wedding or party. (You can find out more about the open day HERE)

Finally, as always, the Elite Team are available at the end of the phone or via email to answer your questions, give you advice and help you make sure that your special event is memorable for all of the RIGHT reasons.


Updated 13.4.2020 by Jacquie Hale 

It seems that we are going to be in this very tricky COVID-19 Lockdown for a while longer so at Elite Tents we will continue to work with all the 2020 couples who might be affected by the government restrictions.

We have already managed to reschedule all of our May and some of our June weddings for later in the year or early 2021.

For dates not affected as yet by the government restrictions we will only be able to offer a postponement up to and including 30th March 2021. Alternative dates may be offered but postponement is totally at the discretion of the company directors and subject to availability.

Please contact your event insurance supplier to find out your rights in case your event becomes affected by the lockdown. (Most will pay any additional costs for rescheduling or if you have to cancel.)

All that being said, we should all remain optimistic… this will pass and let’s be honest we are British and Britain always survives and thrives ultimately!

So stay home, stay safe, follow the government’s guidelines and we will be in touch when and if the time comes that means your event is affected by the restrictions.

Jacquie X



Updated 27.3.2020 by Jacquie Hale Elite Tents Director

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There have been significant changes in the corona virus situation since my last post, and in light of the fact we are now all staying at home we wanted to send a message of reassurance to our customers booked for 2020.

We understand that the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has affected all of our lives and of course our plans. We also know that you have probably been planning your celebration, whether a party or a wedding for a long time.

The good news is that this will pass… hopefully sooner rather than later. But in the event that your celebration is affected and you decide you need to postpone it, we will do our best to help by rearranging your date with you.

So far we have worked with our customers who have contracts for March through May and even early June and they have rebooked for later this year. Please be assured that we will contact you with options if we feel your event is at risk.

If you took out wedding insurance you have also got the option of cancelling this year’s date, reclaiming the costs from your insurance company – the government have instructed the insurance companies to pay out for this – and then rebooking for next year… we will happily match your existing contract price (subject to availability of our tents and equipment).

In the meantime stay safe, follow the guidelines and let’s all look forward to you having a fabulous celebration when this horrible virus is gone.



Updated 17.3.2020 by Jacquie Hale Elite Tents Director

The guidelines outlined by Boris Johnson in his first daily update yesterday suggested that we should all take measures to limit our social interaction and travel and we realise that this advice my have made you wonder whether you should postpone or even cancel your outdoor event.

It’s likely that it will be mid to end of April before we are in a realistic position of predicting how the Corona Virus is going to affect the UK and more importantly your event and your guests. So, if your wedding or party is imminent i.e. the next 30 days, it might actually be worth beginning to consider your options and we recommend you speak to all of your suppliers to see what they are able to offer should you decide you would like to postpone. It is especially important to speak to the the key suppliers such as the structure (us), the venue and the caterers so you can find a date for later this year that fits with them all.

In addition there is some speculation that the government may ban outdoor events for over 500 or so people. This is a tough one for any of our customers who are festival organisers and we would like to assure them that we will do our best to accommodate any new dates should this happen.

However, the good news for private outdoor events is that even if the government does ban large gatherings, if your numbers are below 500 then you should be able to carry on with your party or wedding. And provided risks are managed sensibly (for example, that you are mindful of your guests with underlying health issues) we are hopeful that our 2020 bookings will therefore be able to go ahead. So while you may be worried, please do not think of cancelling your wedding or party in a panic… after all you have probably been planning and dreaming about it for years.

The truth is that we don’t really know how long this is going to go on for, but being proactive and calm is the best way of ensuring everything goes ahead as smoothly as possible. So stay informed – listen to the scientists and the government rather than social media and if you need help with your booking please just give us a call.


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