tipis love to party…

Let’s build a tipi and make the party go with a sparkle! Bustling birthday party, intimate summer garden party, office Christmas party, or simply any excuse to celebrate in style – our tipi tents make it unique!

While we can’t predict the weather, our flexible Giant Hat Kåtas will ensure it won’t spoil your party! From lifting up the sides on a glorious sunny day, to letting down the sides when the rain won’t go away, the party ideas are endless, because Elite tipis easily adapt to every occasion.

it’s your party so let tipi tents make it unique

On a crisper day, leave the sides down, festoon the timber poles with fairy lights and warm the party with an authentic timber fireplace. On a balmy summer evening, enjoy the open air with the tipis’ sides raised, drape the bunting, light up the indie band’s stage and pop the corks!

Want to get the party started?

The first thing you need to do is count up your guests… if it’s an intimate affair then you may find our specially made Party Package would work for you. For larger numbers of 90+ you will probably find we need to create a bespoke set up for you so get in touch and we would be delighted to help you get planning!

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