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Top 5 Tipi Companies In The Midlands

Top 5 Tipi Hirers Who Operate in The Midlands/Central England

Top 5 tipi companies in the midlands written by Elite Tents

If you’re looking for a tipi hirer you’re probably looking for a single resource that lists the best tipi companies in your area.

As a provider of tipi and sailcloth tents for over 1000 events, we are often asked our opinion of other tipi companies. Because we believe strongly in answering the questions we are asked, we put together the following list of 5 of the most prominent tipi companies in Central England in alphabetical order.

As you vet the various companies, please remember that although hiring Tentipi™ tents will go a long way towards ensuring you have the best tipi tents for your event, the local tipi company with whom you will actually do business is responsible for properly installing the tent and providing exceptional service.

Some of the tipi hire companies on our list are not Tentipi tents, but we have included them none the less since as I have explained in a previous article, whilst English Tipis are very different to authentic Nordic ones their pricing may suit some people. To find out the difference between English made and authentic Nordic Tentipi™ tents read our article ‘English Tipis vs Nordic Tipis’ for an honest comparison.

If you’d like a reliable guide to assist in researching your local tipi companies, check out our Ultimate Tipi Company Vetting Checklist.

Chase Tipis


When Jamie left Elite Tents he had a dream of creating his own Tipi company. He started with one Kata back in 2017 and recently add a second. Becoming a limited company in 2022, Chase Tipis who have Tentipi™ tents, offer their service across Staffordshire.

Cotswold Tipis


Established in 2018, Cotswold tipis is a husband and wife team both with experience in the events industry. They also supply Bell Tents. As of 2022 they have 14, 5* reviews on Google.

Event in a Tent


Established by Matt and Niamh in 2010, Event in a Tent was the 7th Tipi hire company in the UK. Since then Matt and Niamh have branched out to also offer Stretch tents and the Dome tents too. Based in North Wales Event in a Tent has 8, 5* reviews.

Sami Tipi


Sami Tipi is based in Derbyshire and was established in November 2012. They also offer a Sailcloth tent option. They have over 80, 5* reviews and are run by a small but friendly team including Jodie and Craig the owners.

Top Tipis


English made Top Tipis are the new kids on the block. They are family run and were created because Emma the owner wanted to have a tipi wedding herself. Established in 2019 Top tipis have bio-ethanol fire pits and claim to be as cost effective as possible. So far they have 9, 5* reviews.

We hope you’ve found this helpful and wish you well on your journey to find the perfect tipi company for your special celebration.

If you’d like to learn more about our tipis and what sets us apart as a company, visit our Planning Hub, read about our Perfect Package – designed with you in mind or check out our Guarantee

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Authentic Nordic Tipi Association

Elite Tents insist on Tipis made by Tentipi and are proud members of the ANTA. Tentipi have been manufacturing Authentic Nordic Tipis for over 25 years and their quality is second to none. With a Tentipi Tent you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY about having a 'weatherproofing option' as these tents were designed for the weather in Scandanavia and will stand up to wind, rain or whatever the British weather can throw at them!