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Winter Wedding Décor Ideas

The scene is set: your tipis look amazing, the food is going to be delicious and look incredible. All that’s left is the decor of your winter wedding. Personally I think this is the most fun part of the planning! You get to really be creative and there is an endless list of ideas for how to put your own personality into your wedding. The way you would decorate a winter wedding will probably differ to how you would do it in the summer time. The surroundings of your tipi are most likely going to look very different, and there are a few other things to consider…


Flowers are very personal so I do not interfere too much with telling couples what they should choose. I will however let you know what is in season as you are slightly more limited. Also it is a great time of year to get creative with all of the Christmas decorations that are available to you.





I love the simpler decoration myself, as especially with tipi they do not need to be made to look to busy as they are beautiful in their own right. I am however a massive fan of fairy lights and feel that they add that extra bit of sparkle to the room on your very special day. And there’s no better time than Christmas for some sparkle is there?\

Another great idea to add splashes of colour to the room are paper lantern which can be hung from different levels through your tent/tipi. Make sure you match your table decorations with these colours to bring the room together.

Try and think about what is in season and if you can incorporate it within your theme. In December there is an abundance of Holly available which makes for fantastic table decorations. Also think rustic, there are plenty of golden coloured leaves that fall at this time of year.  You would be surprised how beautiful a twig or vase of leaves can look with some fairy lights.

Blankets and slippers

Winter Wedding: slippers instead of flip flops for those dancing feet!

Winter Wedding: basket of Shawls to keep your guests toasty

To keep your guests cosy, make sure you have a basket or shawls or blankets around. And instead of summer flip flops for those dancing feet, why not have a mass of slippers? That should keep them toasty and warm.


Wedding dresses of all style are stunning in their own right and there is no reason you should cover yourself up just because it is a little chilly outside. Remember you will be beaming around your tipi all evening and dancing your feet off  and I am sure the open fire pit will keep you nice warm.

Winter Wedding: fur lined wedding dress for warmth and style

Wedding dress 1 Wedding dress 2 Wedding dress 4

Designers have also come up with some fantastic ideas to cover your bare skin in the winter months. You’ll need this when you are outside taking those beautiful photos. Here are just a few to get your mind thinking.

Winter Wedding: a shawl to keep you warm for those outdoor photos!Winter wedding: add a cardigan both for warmth and a splash of colour

The Groomsmen

Outdoor wedding are becoming more and more popular in the winter months. This gives the guys just as much a right to look smart without losing the circulation in their feet!

For a rustic wedding these cardigans for the groomsmen and a stylish tweed suit for the groom look amazing! Especially with the backdrop of the snowy landscape. However as it’s the season to celebrate, there will be some very dashing suits, ties and scarves in the shops. So suit up and sparkle ready to walk up the aisle arm in arm with your  stunning bride.

Winter Wedding: Blue suite inspiration Winter Wedding: Outfit inspiration for the couple Winter Wedding: The Groomsmen


So we hope you have enjoyed reading our hints and tips on how to perfect your outdoor winter wedding decor. It is a fantastic time of year and the possibilities are endless, so don’t let the weather put you off.


Wandering if you can have a winter wedding outside? Check out this blog for more information!


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