Planning the Perfect BOHO Style Wedding

So many weddings seem to be regimented, organised and formal and if that does not suit your personality you are probably looking for another option. If you are after something much more ‘Bohemian’ and informal then the tipis are a perfect option for you. They allow you to have the flexibility to add your own style and character to them; there are no time constraints and you and your guests will not end up being ushered from room to room as so often happens in a hotel wedding! With the help of Elite Tents’ team you can create a wedding where you and your guests will feel relaxed and have an amazing time.

The girls in the office are experts in their industry and will help you to find your venue if you need one, suppliers of generators, toilets and other mundane items and caterers too. We will give you help and advice and we work with suppliers that can offer you really competitive prices.

On top of that Jacquie at Elite has created a series of checklists to help you ensure that you don’t forget anything and that all is planned and arranged in good time – not just the reception but all the little details too.

So make a start by downloading our first checklist. This tells you what needs to be done in those early months when you are first planning your day.