This week’s blog is aiming to give you a few pointers on how to find a suitable venue and check the site.

So, finding a venue….

Right then, it’s time to find your perfect plot! You might want it to be close to your wedding ceremony venue or have a particular feature like a lake or ruins as a back drop. There are lots of little gems out there and it is just a matter of dedicating some time to researching.

You can either research field wedding venues on the internet or another very popular route is to take a drive around your local area and see if there are any farms, village halls and social clubs, cricket clubs or rugby grounds. You find that many of these types of venues have plots of land they are happy to hire out for outdoor celebrations and you usually find that they are very reasonably priced. One nice idea is if you can find a river and either a B&B or public house which has a beer garden next to it.

There are a number of venues on our website which you could look at to start you off and we do have a list of farms in different parts of the Midlands where we have erected tipis before so do ask us.

Your own grand design…

Once you have found a venue, contact the local council and check to see if you need to apply for a temporary events notice, this will cost you around £20 and will make sure you are covered for music and alcohol on the site. A lot of field venues already have this in place, so make sure you ask them first.

Once you have found a venue that you are interested in, you should contact your tent/tipi supplier and ask them for their checklist to help you decide if the site is suitable, and if you are unsure then ask them if they can do a site visit to check it for you. You need to make sure that they can gain access to the site and that the land is fairly level and not on a slope. Also look out for overhead cables or underground services (the land owner should be able to confirm whether there are any issues.)

Right, now the land is booked, you can start building your venue. You need to book your tipis first of all but make sure you also know what additional items you will need. The main things to think about are your utilities such as power, toilets and the catering facilities plus in the cooler months you might want to check out heating too.

Some venues will already have some of your requirements in place. However I would defiantly advise that you use recommended suppliers from your tipi/marquee company, to ensure that you have the correct equipment on site for a smooth running celebration. This will also be one less task for you to be responsible for. This is an area where you should not try and cut corners or cost, you will generally find that the prices are very similar from company to company and the only difference will be the delivery costs but your marquee or tipi provider will probably have a preferred supplier that they feel confident will not let you down on the day.

If you need a checklist of items you might need in addition to the tipis why not visit our Planning Resources page?


Jacquie x


Dressing the inside of tipi is how you personalise it and make perfect for you and your guests. We have a range of products which can help you with this and, as Tipi Specialists, we can help you develop your perfect venue.
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