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How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding? Our Top 5 Tips:

A tent setup outside is not only a beautiful setting for your wedding celebration but is also a blank canvas. Over the years we have seen all kind of decorations going into the tipis from simple ivy trailing up the poles to a complete Arabian Nights transformation. The Elite Tents Event Coordinator team have put their heads together and come up with our top 5 tips for how to plan an outdoor wedding:

TIP #1  Be Creative.

Whether your accessories are homemade or shop bought have fun and be creative. We have seen jam jars, fairy lights , bright beautiful blooms and even painted bicycles adorn our tipis.


how to plan an outdoor wedding: painted bicycle decoration


TIP #2  Be Rustic.

Tipis and tents allow you to bring the outdoors indoors so why not have thick chunky tables with rustic solid wood benches. Add a metal milk jug full of woodland flowers and there you have your rustic setting…..Oh and don’t forget the bunting! Check out our recommended décor specialist, Big Day Props  – Sarah knows exactly how to plan an outdoor wedding!


How to plan an outdoor wedding: rustic table setting


TIP #3 Break the rules!

You decided not to hold your wedding reception in a manor house or hotel for a reason, so ditch the pressed linen and candelabras and think outside the box. Planning an outdoor wedding does not have to be like planning an indoor wedding at all! You can name your tables after favourite bands, places you have been together – whatever takes your fancy.


How to plan an outdoor wedding: Signpost


TIP #4  Embrace the dark nights.

Fire pits and fairy lights are a must when the sun goes down and your feet are hurting from all of the dancing. So as the evening draws in there is no better end to an outdoor wedding than sitting round a fire pit with family and friends continuing the laughter late into the night✨


Top Tips how to plan an outdoor wedding: Embrace the night with marshmallow roasting over a firepit!


TIP #5  Be yourself.

Whether you are into arts and crafts, classical music or annual trips to Glastonbury, use your interests to decorate your tipis. Photographic table center pieces, games of cricket (outside the tipi obviously) or paper birds made from sheet music floating from the pole structure….your imagination is your only limitation. That’s how to plan an outdoor wedding.


How to plan an outdoor wedding: rustic decor! 



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