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What equipment is needed for an outdoor wedding?

Planning an Outdoor Wedding naturally means extra equipment may be needed. Things like power, toilets and suppliers can be a little more complex when dealing with the outdoors. Make sure everything is in place to run smoothly by checking off everything on this list!


When choosing a caterer make sure you find out if they require a catering tent early on. It’s no fun having to find an extra £500 or so when they drop it into a conversation after you have booked!

Most caterers (other than street food vendors) will expect you to supply and pay for all of the facilities whereas others can supply you with some of the equipment needed for an outdoor wedding. So ask them what size tent they want and whether you have to have it joined to the main structure. (That often costs extra)

Also DON’T FORGET THE LIGHTS. People forget that the catering tent needs lighting and think that a gazebo bought from the supermarket will do the job – it won’t!

Make sure the catering tent structure is strong, weatherproof and big enough for your caterers and their equipment. The last thing you want is for your catering tent to blow away!

Finally find out what the caterers need for power and whether they want you to organise their tables too.


When hiring a generator, make sure you ask for a super-silent one, there is nothing more off putting than the humming of a generator while the best man is reading his speech! Make sure the generator company include the cost of a distribution board with enough sockets, cables for all of your suppliers and fuel. (We usually allow for 10 hours as that will cover most events – but if you have people staying over, camping remember you will need extra fuel to keep the toilets going for longer.)

Also when you book your generator, it is worth enquiring if the company has lighting that you can hire for your car park area. When the sun has set and the evening is coming to an end, you must remember that you are on a field and you need to make sure your guests can walk to their cars or taxis along a safely lit path.

P.S.  A great way to mark out a car parking area on a field is by using shepherds’ hooks and bunting, try and keep this close to the entrance so that you don’t have tyre tracks ruining your lovely green grassed land. Make sure you have walkway matting leading from place to place keeping those heels out of the ground


Luxury toilet trailers are a must, they are very posh inside with little touches for added comfort. You can even have your music playing in them these days! 🎶  They come in many different colours; some of which helps them to blend into the background. Failing that they can be hidden behind your tent.

Heater - equipment needed for an outdoor wedding what equipment do you need for an outdoor wedding

*Don’t forget wheel chairs access if it is required. Speak to your supplier and ask them to supply the specialist equipment *


You definitely don’t want your guests getting nippy during the wedding breakfast. So heating is worth having in your budget for celebrations from late September through to April. During the Summer months you don’t need to worry about having heating.  Nordic tipis can have gorgeous fire pits that you can sit around in the evening if the temperature drops, and an authentic sailcloth tent retains the heat really well too (actually if anything they get overwarm!)

Waste Facilities:

Don’t forget the rubbish! Some bars and caterers will remove their rubbish from site. (Make sure you have this confirmed before you pay your deposit). If it’s not included, you can contact the local council and pay for a special collection. Alternatively you hire a mini skip, and hide it behind some bamboo fencing.

Alternative furnishings:

Finally, if you’d like round tables or different chairs these will need to be hired separately. Your tent supplier may be able to hire these in for you. Make sure you ask!

Once you have ticked all of these boxes you are well on your way to a great celebration. Then it’s time to start looking inside to decide on how you want to decorate your venue. To see which suppliers we recommend, check out our Suppliers We Trust page.

Elite x

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