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The Perfect Package For You

The Elite Promise:

You’ll get a first class structure, beautifully equipped, all on-site risks perfectly managed and zero stress for you.

In short we’ll be a delight to work with…

The Elite Tents Unique, Stress-Busting Decorate Day

Our hires are normally for 2 days, but we know when it’s a wedding or large party you need time to get everything decorated and set up so we give you an extra, third day, on us. Read more about it here.

Detailed Site Survey

We’ll check size, space, layout and use our CAT scanner to make sure there are no pipes or cables to worry about underground.

Bespoke Floorplan

Created for you so your tents will work best for your numbers and the vibe of your event.

Wet Weather Plan

This is especially important if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and we’ll create a wet weather plan for inside the tipis… just in case.

Fully Inclusive Generator, Toilets and Heating Package

We can take care of everything for you…

Your Own Dedicated Outdoor Wedding Specialist

We will be in regular contact with you helping to ensure that everything goes perfectly to plan and that your day is amazing…

Crew on Standby on The Day of Your Event

So that should something need our input (though this is very rare) you can rest assured we’ll sort it for you…

Only The Best, Safest Tents in The Country

Authentic Nordic tipis and award winning Aurora sailcloth tents all completely weatherproof. Read more here.

The Backing of MUTA

MUTA are the industry trade body who inspect and accredit us. Find out more on the MUTA website.

The Best Trained Crew in The Midlands

All of our crew are certified to install your tents to the highest standards.

A Carbon Neutral Event

We were one of the first in the industry to become carbon neutral. We also take steps to reduce the amount of carbon we generate as well as offsetting. Read about it here!

After Party Clean Up

We can take care of all the clearing up post event if you’d like us to…

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Authentic Nordic Tipi Association

Elite Tents insist on Tipis made by Tentipi and are proud members of the ANTA. Tentipi have been manufacturing Authentic Nordic Tipis for over 25 years and their quality is second to none. With a Tentipi Tent you DO NOT NEED TO WORRY about having a 'weatherproofing option' as these tents were designed for the weather in Scandanavia and will stand up to wind, rain or whatever the British weather can throw at them!