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Can You Have A Winter Wedding Outside?

Winter is usually the time of year when many people shut themselves indoors under fleecy blankets. They put on their onesies away from the chill outside probably watching Strictly! On the other hand there are those festive fellows who embrace the open log fires. These people love to celebrate at the winter markets and love the idea of a winter wedding outside.

As many in the outdoor wedding industry will agree, this time of year does slow down compared with the summer months. The uncertainty if the English weather can be a potential worry to couples. However I’m here to tell you exactly how amazing your outdoor winter wedding really could be.

My essential checklist will help you ensure that even if the heavens open, your wedding reception will go off without a wet bridesmaid in sight. I’m here to share with you lots of great ideas, from the invitation design to the scrumptious food and drinks which will all go together to help the celebrations flow.

So pop the hot chocolate on and let me inspire you…

Your Essential Guide

When planning an outdoor winter wedding you need to make sure you have the following covered:

Heating your outside winter wedding

Heating will keep all of your guests toasty when they are sitting down to eat. You can hire heaters from your tent supplier. These are usually floor based ‘indirect’ heaters which blow warm air into the tent. The main body of these heaters is kept outside, so they take up very little room but definitely do the job!

Lighting your outside winter wedding

Put plenty of outside lighting to lead guests from place to place. In the winter it becomes darker much earlier in the day so make sure everyone can move around easily. Make sure pathways to the car park and toilets are well lit. Use whatever you fancy – up-lighters, lanterns, festoon walkways or even jars with candles to create a path.


Walkway flooring and covering is a must to keep your feet dry and clean. It is worth spending the extra money on plenty of walkway to get you to and from the car park and the toilets. It is also worth thinking about a covered walkway or maybe plenty of umbrellas so that your guests can stay dry when they pop to the toilets.

Extra Space For Your Outside Winter Wedding

Make sure you have allowed a large enough structure for all the guests to fit in at once. In the winter make sure you have a bigger structure than is normally suggested. For most of the wedding celebrations it is likely that all your guests will be want to be inside. So make sure the tipi or marquee isn’t too cramped.

A joined Catering Annexe

Hire an enclosed catering tent with flooring and lighting, to make sure you have a happy chef. In the summer it is great to have a hog roast out in the field with a simple gazebo to cover the caterers if it rains. But in the winter, I would definitely advise an enclosed catering tent with flooring and lighting joined to the main structure. That way you can ensure your caterer creates your delicious wedding breakfast without having to battle with the elements.

A catering tent completely enclosed and linked to the tipis: essential for an outdoor winter wedding!

Large luxury toilet trailer

In the winter your guests will not want to queue outside so make sure you go for a larger set of toilets. Also make sure you position them as close to the main tent as possible, again with umbrellas handy or a covered walkway.

Light, music and dance

A good quality generator supplier is essential for any outdoor wedding celebration. It is especially important in the winter when it is colder and darker than the summer months. Your tent supplier can assist you with this. A 40Kva is perfect as it can run lots of equipment at once and make sure you have all of the cables and sockets supplied too. Remember you will need sockets for your  bar, DJ, lights, toilets, heating and catering tent.

Having a good power solution is essential for a winter wedding so that you can make your event look warm as well as feel warm.

If you tick everything off this essential list, you should feel confident that you are covered for the English Winter weather. Hosting a winter wedding outside in the UK is not only possible, but is just as desirable and elegant as a wedding at any other time of year!

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