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Outdoor Wedding Flower Ideas

Every year we hold a few open days. This allows our booked couples and couples looking for inspiration to come along and see what a tipi looks like. We give a florist free reign over our tipis and sailcloth tent. This means you can come along and get outdoor wedding flower ideas – we’ve included plenty of pictures from an open day in this post to get the ball rolling!

We are very aware, because a tipi is not a permanent structure, that it’s very difficult sometimes to trust whether it is going to be for you.

What we love about the open days is it also allows our recommended suppliers to enjoy the blank space. To see what they do with it. This includes florists, stylists, caterers and many more. So you can see flowers, decor and everything down to cutlery/stationary inside the tents!

Daffodil Waves Photography, along with floral designer Lily of flower design of Lichfield, created this magical theme. It offers plenty of inspiration for your outdoor wedding.

The tipis are quite tall, so the idea was to create height off the tables. They wouldn’t look ‘too much’ and also keep the colours very bright, so that they would not get lost in the colour of the canvas also. The White just popped inside the tipis and it didn’t look too busy with keeping it to one main colour.

We hope you love these images and they offer you lots of outdoor wedding flower ideas! Feel free to add them to your Pinterest board or save them to look at later. We’d love to hear about your plans also, so please get in touch at www.elitetents.co.uk. Would you like to see our tents in person? To really immerse yourself in what a florist and/or a stylist can do with the space, check out the information on our next Open Weekend.

tall bouquet outdoor wedding flower ideas

outdoor wedding flower ideas white roses outdoor wedding flower ideas white pumpkins, candles, and bouquets

outdoor wedding flower ideas: dont forget to think about lighting outdoor wedding flower ideas: raise them high outdoor wedding flower ideas, white flowers with white candlesticks outdoor wedding flower ideas, decorate tall candelabras outdoor wedding flower ideas, tall vases to give height off tables outdoor wedding flower ideas, greenery on a rustic table outdoor wedding flower ideas: white flowers pop in front of tipi canvas outdoor wedding flower ideas, silver dollars on the plates! outdoor wedding flower ideas with candles outdoor wedding flower ideas for the table setting Outdoor wedding flower ideas: chandelier as a blank canvas


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